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"One of Mario Golf?s biggest successes is its intuitive and simple interface; it?s easy for anyone to play, making it a title that appeals even to those who don?t show any enthusiasm for the real-life sport. Featuring a good number of playable characters; varied and challenging courses; and connectivity with the Game Boy Color version, there?s plenty to enjoy in both single- and multiplayer."

8/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"+fun even for people who don't enjoy golf +mini-golf mode +final course modeled after Nintendo characters +link to GBC version for custom characters +secret tournament mode -lacks RPG adventure mode from Game Boy versions -lacks features of sequels such as only showing part of predicted trajectory of ball -most of game feels closer to Camelot's Hot Shots Golf than Mario -annoying multiplayer distract feature"

7/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"Mario Golf stands as one of the most terrific golfing titles. Its simple and intuitive controls, sublime course design and competitive multiplayer brought an irresistable charm to the Mario sports genre. Best of all was the final course, with each of its 18 holes cut and shaped into various Nintendo characters. An Immensely enjoyable original that still hasn't been topped by sequels in execution."

9/10 - YoshiTails 64

"As a person who actually plays golf for fun, Mario Golf is a breath of fresh air. Something about this game had me going back for more until I was able to collect all the birdie coins. The "Best Shots" replays were great for rubbing your skills in your friends' faces. It was simple, competitive, and fun for even people who don't play golf."

9/10 - Imagine23 64

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This is a pretty fun game (every Mario Golf game is), but I would never choose to play any of them over NES Open which, after all these years/sequels is still my favorite. The simplicity...the music...the pacing...yeah. That's the Mario Golf game for me.


Out of all the Golf games from Mario I thought this one is still the best. Best course design by far.


The greatest Mario Golf game in the series, I'm glad about this game got place in this series. 9/10 for me.


Great golf game, they really kicked it up a notch in terms of depth and (yet) has enough simplicity and intuitive controls that anyone can pick up and play. I always wished it were more RPG-ish, but its a minor gripe. 9/10.


Oh my god, how I LOVED this game. I spent a whole summer playing it over and over again. I also have so many fond memories of playing mini golf with my friends (back when I had friends that played video games).

What was so great was the variety of courses, the user friendly interface (that also was hard to master), and just the joy and little Nintendo touches that made you wish you could crawl into the game, and just watch Yoshi put the ball in while you lie on a blanket next to the pond.

Seriously, I could never find any flaw in this game. The variety, the perfect balance of real golf and the Mushroom Kindom, the multiplayer, just everything!



I enjoy the Mario Golf Advance Tour more just because of the RPG elements but this N64 Mario golf game is another great one! Lots of nice unlockables


I still want a Mario Golf game that is played like the Wii Sports ones. Seems such an obvious thing to do. (The old swing mechanics don't do it for me).


A brilliant game. Camelots flawless mechanics, lovely graphics loaded with personality, lots of content, and with the cartridge format and the lack of daft RPG elements it's just a fast, addictive golf game. No idea how many hours I spent on this to 100% it but I enjoyed it. Between that and the multiplayer, pound for pound probably the best value N64 cartridge I ever bought! 10/10



Same here. I'd also be very interested in full games using the Baseball and Tennis controls too


Have this game on my WiiU and it won't work with the pro controller. If, one day, it does... I shall play again.



Yeah I know. Wasn't great though. I'm picturing something with HD graphics, Motion Plus controls like in Wii Sports Club and online.


Fun, though I like the Gamecube sequel more.


excellent mario golf!.
the GC version putt power meter broke the green game for me otherwise i would say it is better-ish.
best control in the N64. luv the 3DS vs too.
10/10 4 MG64


Played a lot... Love the music after round and the stills

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