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Killer Instinct Gold

"Wisely held back from the Snes; giving gamers a further reason for a N64. Subsequently, better fighters did arrive but this became one to saviour as Rare never produced its own sequel. Instantly, the killer soundtrack stands out as well as great backgrounds, fresh new characters and team battles. Pitched perfectly to novices and experts; a rare beat 'em up that tailored to anyone."

8/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"Lying Combo! Well, I did eventually forgive Nintendo for lying to me, saying the original arcade machine was running on 'Ultra 64' hardware. This game came out a long, long way after that arcade but it did deliver all the thrills of it's unique combo system. I miss this RARE a lot. A must for any fighting fans out there. ULTRA! PS: Fulgore rules."

8/10 - Shiryu 64

"+satisfying to pull off combos +converted arcade pre-rendered environments to 3D for dynamic camera +tutorials that teach you combos -gameplay depends too much on combo memorization -feels slightly like it's ripping off Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat -fighter animation cut down to fit on cartridge -some arenas have less detail than arcade version -input seems less reliable after doing certain moves consecutively -lacks Cinder"

6/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"Killer Instinct Gold is a fast paced combo based fighter featuring many iconic characters from the SNES original, plus 3 more. It presents a well developed fighting system, however intricate knowledge of combo and combo breaker systems were consistently beaten by button mashing opponents. Stages feature some interesting 3D backgrounds with entirely functional pre-rendered sprites. The soundtrack is excellent featuring many memorable killer cuts."

8/10 - Swankenstein 64

"Was a good fighter probably the best on the N64 but I was disappointed that it wasn't the promised Killer Instinct which is what I had been waiting for since 1995 which was never released on the N64. The game had 3D backgrounds which made the 2D sprites look blurry. The game had fantastic music though it matched anything that was done on the 32bit consoles. "

7/10 - WWammy 64

"One of the best if not the best fighting game on the N64 among all the other ones (I am looking at you Mace). Yeah it wasn't the promised port of the first KI but it was still good. The only reason KI is better on the SNES was the fact that this game didn't include Cinder. Still a must have for the N64."

8/10 - Tasuki 64

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Was a awesome game indead but I love the original more, taking a big liking to the new one as well but I won't be getting it since I don't got a xbone.


I like the original Killer Instinct better and particularly the arcade version. I didn't think the character designs overall were as strong in the sequel and some of the new characters just looked weird, like Maya who looked a bit like a transvestite or something with that oversized head and weird body shape. I'd guess that the main female character artist possibly changed between the two versions.

It's still a good fighter for sure but I think the original is the probably the most pure and best of the bunch.

Note: The comment about Maya's looks isn't a judgement on transvestites. Just a judgment on the look of the character.


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i miss KI gold! i lost my N64 collection to my aunt's emotional rage 2005!


I got this game on Christmas morning with our family N64. We wanted Mario 64 or even Pilot Wings but we got this game instead. I fell in love instantly and played it for hours and hours. I have been tempted to buy a Xbone just to play the new one, but the price tag is a little much for the current library.

Go Sabrewulf!


One of the main games I played on the N64, love it, I will have to get the new KI game once I get a X Box One.


The new KI on xbox one is far better than I thought it would be and has become my most played game of the past year. Having the arcade versions of KI one and two is great also!


Oh Nintendo Life! How you continue to punish me by showing me games that will never pop up on the VC! This just reminds me of all these great games we may never see again, especially the licensed stuff.


One of my all time favorite fighting game on the N64, it's sad that this franchise went to Microsoft though. The new KI for Xbox One plays good but that's not a physical release so instead we had to buy it as separate packs which is not my cup of tea.


Ugh. It had to be KI: Gold today, didn't it? I was looking through my N64 collection yesterday and was immensely bummed when I realized that my copy of Gold doesn't work anymore. The world is a cruel place, you can't deny it.

Anyway, this game is pretty great. Pretty....killer.


@DRL - my copy of Gold won't work either. It's the only N64 game I have that failed in that regard.

Fun game! I wish Rareware still existed and I wish I could play this game again, but it will never happen on a Virtual Console....sigh.


@DRL Have you tried cleaning it? It's really rare for a cartridge to fail. That kind of sucks as it's not a fairly cheap N64 game to replace.


The latest "Season 2" release of the new KI also includes a great arcade port of KI 2 which is basically what KI Gold was.


@Dreamcaster-X Yeah, I'm obsessive when it comes to keeping my games clean. I think there's damage done to the contacts that I didn't notice when I bought it. It's always taken a few tries to get going but now nothing seems to work.


@DRL If all else can try Meguiar's Scratch-X to clean the contacts with. I know it sounds bizarre but it has worked for me on countless games that I thought were dead. I saw it on a Youtube video a while back & didn't believe it would work but it did. You just use a miniscule amount and slightly rub the contacts, then wipe it off with a clean microfiber. You have to take the cart apart first though so you'd need one of those nifty screwdrivers.


One of my favorite N64 games. I use to rent this all the time and play it against my brother. I finally got a copy of it a few years ago for the N64 might have to give it a go this weekend.


I never owned this back in the day due to my lack of interest in fighters other than Smash Bros. The fact that it is made by RARE makes me wish I had.


I love gold it was always on the list to play with my bro growing up. It was way better than the original which i loved too, but seeing the new one take out things and add things is kinda strange to me. No fatal finisher ? Thats what makes gold the best still. Though i never played the new one ive seen enough to gauge this opinion. 007 , Mario Party , Perfect Dark , Smash Bros 64 , Mario Kart 64 , Extreme G , Quake , Hexen , WCW vs NWO and later series in that genre were always being played. Classic, classic days my friends i could shed a tear ~

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