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"Taking everything that made ISS64 a true next-generation football game, ISS 98 went far further, solidifying its reputation as the best football game on the N64. Its arcade style stands the test of time with fluid controls and ISS64?s bugs eradicated. Tournaments / scenarios allow immense enjoyment alone but multiplayer is where it truly shines. Flaw? Uncharismatic commentary, although it doesn?t hinder the gorgeous gameplay."

8/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"A thing of beauty, I had always been skeptical of sports games before this, saying that I'd rather just go out and play instead. It's a testament to just how good this is that I was quickly hooked (after an 8-0 drubbing by the COM). This (or ISS2000) was dusted off for World Cup 2014, as it still plays really very well indeed today!"

9/10 - mid_55 64

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If it wasnt for ISS Deluxe on the snes, this qould be the best football game ever created, and i love football and football games !


Glad to see I am not the only person who thought football games hit a peak with this game. I would buy this on VC over any new FIFA on Wii U.

I wish Konami would make another Nintendo exclusive football game. Pro Evo on Wii was almost really good. FIFA and PES on the other consoles are still stuck where they were when this game was released.


My friend had this and I had ISS64, they were terrific games, a lot of fun more arcade than simulator but me and my mates couldn't stop playing them.


Personally, I liked ISS64 a little more. But ISS Deluxe is also an all-time favourite!


A bit of a waste of space putting this game if there's also ISS64... of course this game is better but ISS2000 is better than this one, so will it be included too?


@soma Yeah, why bother with ISS 64, this alone would be fine! ISS 2000 had a cool career mode and awesome music, but "hi-res" mode was a frame rate disaster haha! I still love it though



Lol! Yeah! Hi-res should be avoided, and I remember liking more the music in ISSS98, but other than that ISS2000 was a better game, with a few new moves (like jumping with the ball), new strategies and fixed some issues of 98, like easily scoring from far away.

All of them were great games and a lot of fun!

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