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Gauntlet Legends

"While a multiplatform release, the N64 version of Gauntlet Legends benefited greatly from the system's four built-in controller ports. Ported over from the arcade, Gauntlet Legends' simplistic hack n' slash gameplay makes it accessible to players of all skill levels. It's a solid, button-bashing adventure which is best enjoyed with three friends. With many on-screen enemies and gruelling bosses, the action rarely lets up."

7/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"'Warrior shot the food!' You silly warrior! The first reboot of Gauntlet into the third dimension is a solid entry in the series. Since the Nintendo 64 already had built-in 4 player adapter, this is the version to get and to enjoy with three more like-minded friends. A fun, solid dungeon crawling experience that is endlessly replayable. Just stop shooting the food, damn it!"

8/10 - Shiryu 64

"Though its successor stands as the best in the series, this game undoubtedly set a standard in 3D hack n slash dungeon crawling. A spectacular game with a good amount of longevity to it, you and three friends could easily invest plenty of time killing, finding treasure, finding secret characters, and going for 100% completion. Good luck finding the Rune Stones! Don't f*** up."

8/10 - reali-tglitch 64

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I much preferred this on the Dreamcast.


Agree that the Dreamcast version was the way to go....

Tons of hours wasted with local co-op.


I had Gauntlet Dark Legacy on GameCube and loved it. I hate I missed out on this, cause the Gaunlet on the NES and Cube were a blast. Nothing like hacking and slashing with a group of friends. Ah those were simpler times.


Loved this game and probably spent way too much time playing it.


Wonder if they'll take the plunge into darkness and review Superman 64


>!! Yellow Knight Needs Food Badly !!<


Basically, when I try to explain why the console version of Diablo III is better than the PC version I say "It's like a Modern Gauntlet Legend"


I love this game. It is far from perfect and today its graphics can make your eyes bleed but it is a very fun and replayable game with a great multiplayer.


I still love this series. I wish the new one had the same feel of the old ones.


I'll have to look into this. Maybe I'll like it.


Ah man this was one of my favorite games for the N64, along with Turok 2, and the star wars pod-racing game, ah good times.


excellent game and one of the better ports at the time, the ps1 port was atrocious. the xbox and ps2 ports later on, titled dark legacy instead of legends were decent though. however, as far as home console versions, this was the one to have when gauntlet legends hit the scene.
great game, good times.


The N64 was prime for some great multiplayer. It's just too bad most TVs of it's era were so small. MK8, in comparison, is wonderful looking on 60-80'' screens.
Nintendoland, my reigning multiplayer game on Wii U (for diversity, Gamepad integration and simplicity) is a great example of top notch, split screen and full screen multiplayer.
Using a projector and a 300'' screen proved to be the best experience and though the picture wasn't more than 200'', games like Nintendoland, Mass Effect 3 and Tekken Tag 2 were phenomenal.
A modern uptake of Gauntlet would be kinda nice.


This game was traslated to spanish by mexican magazine Club Nintendo.

P.D. You need to talk about Club Nintendo, it is already 24 years monthly magazine.

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