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F-1 World Grand Prix

"Solid racer but one only suitable for the niche F1 gamer, not a casual lover of the racing genre. The F1 'feel' is realistic and racing from the bumpy cockpit view is awesome. Accurate track layouts yet backgrounds are dull and racing them doesn't engage like a F-Zero or MK64 track. Advice: conquer the challenges but turn down that incessant droning of the vehicle!"

5/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"I have fond memories of this game. This was one of the first N64 games that I owned, and I used to play it with my dad quite a lot. That said, I wouldn't dream of playing it any more. This is a pretty solid F1 game, but I have very little interest in racers. Worth a play for racing fans though, I reckon."

6/10 - SyntheticPerson 64

"While most of the Nintendo64's racing library was rooted in fantasy, F1 came round to give the N64 a taste of reality. With all the courses, solid handling and a plethora of adjustable settings, F1 was a decent simulator of the sport that has plenty to offer racing fans at the time. However, the game has become quite outdated compared to other N64 racers."

6/10 - starlac 64

"This was (in my opinion) the best F1 game around in 1998! The handling was spot on, and you cannot beat racing on accurate replicas of real world tracks! Whilst the multiplayer wasn't nearly as engaging as other titles, the challenge mode was a satisfying and rewarding way to extend your play time! The N64 was blessed with great F1 racers, this was sensational!"


"The handling is fun and satisfying and there is a genuine sense of speed. The soundtrack is fitting and sound effects are excellent. Challenge mode brings the season to life. However, the cars are too strong in withstanding crashes and the AI is unremarkable, though challenging. Overall it (and its superior sequel) captures the thrill of F1 in a genre that can feel vacant."

8/10 - Sonic_Phantom 64

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Wow, a little bit harsh. I've always thought of this game as one of the best racers on the console.


I bought this trying to get my dad into videogames at the time. It didn't work. I wasn't a fan of F1 racing either but I played it anyway. It was okay but I had better racing games on the N64.


Couldn't disagree more. Not even into F1 and I clocked up many hours on this back in the day. A very accessible, excellant racing game.


Lots of racers on this atm! I remember this game got great reviews in nintendo magazines at the time but believe it has not aged well.


Totally forgot this game existed until now. Thanks for the nostalgic flashback.
Can't remember a whole lot about it, but I know I sunk many hours into it. And at the time I'm pretty sure my young eyes were blown away by how realistic it seemed.

/heads to eBay


All these N64 articles are a sad reminder of how much Nintendo's library is limited these days. Could you imagine todays Nintendo getting behind a realistic F1 game? Sadly, me either...


I agree Ichiban. Stuff like this made the N64 a great console.

I had fun with this at the time, but I have no interest in it now. But the racing genre isn't really for me, barring a handful of exceptions.


Can't say that I've ever heard of this particular N64 game. It doesn't really look like it would interest me either.


It had a sequel (F1 World Grand Prix II) on the N64 that was even better. I see (not really) how this can get a 5/10 for todays standards, but back in the day it was a 9-10/10 just like Mario Kart 64, Wave Race 64, F-Zero X, Diddy Kong Racing, 1080º Snowboarding, Excitebike 64, Ridge Racer 64, wipEout 64, Beetle Adventure Racing, Star Wars Episode I Racer, and the other 10 or 20 high quality N64 racers I forgot.

The N64 was the best console of its time for racing games (and 3D platformers).
It took a few years and an analog stick for all the other consoles to catch up.

Also the reviewer doesn't remember that there was no F1 game with better background graphics than this one at the time of release.


@Blue-Thunder I think you never played Grand Prix.

Any F1 game looked terrible compared to Grand Prix on PC...


The graphics were described as 'photo-realistic' at the time, which basically meant it was a bit drab and desaturated, but despite lacking commentary from Murray Walker it actually looked quite a lot like watching Formula One on the telly back then...especially if you squinted a bit.

It was in fact the sequel that I had, and I used to hold up the way it handled Monte Carlo as an example of how the N64 could outperform the PlayStation; whereas the city looked fairly solid and recogniseable on the N64, on the PS1 equivalents I had seen up to then the buildings would seemingly rise up out of the ground right in front of your eyes, at the last second.

I also seem to remember F1 World Grand Prix having a decent number of options to simplify the gameplay too. I've never really gotten on with the likes of Gran Turismo, but I had plenty of fun with this. The only thing I'd say probably lets it down now is the framerate.


I loved this game, and while I feel the review is harsh, it's refreshing to be reminded that not everyone likes the same thing. Nintendo64x64 has been a great feature so far, I hope the N64 coverage continues!


i remember this game. the replays looked great. i enjoyed playing it and was another game i should have bought instead of rented back then. 8/10 for me.


@BigBluePanda I'm with you there man, 8/10 for me.
I hate f1 with a passion but was bought this one birthday.....Loved it, great game, to date the only f1 game I have ever liked and I've tried many since!
In other news, this 64x64 thing on NL has made me buy an n64 today Whooooo!! I've held of for ages but cracked and got one with 5 games, this is the 4th time I've got one so fingers crossed I can keep hold of this one and build up my collection of carts!!


I thought this was a fantastic game, wish it would make it to VC


5/10 because it's not casual enough for reviewers liking.


Another great N64 title. My best friend owned this game and I remember thinking the graphics were really great. I don't remember if it was this one or the sequel that had weather effects, maybe both but they were an added touch of realism for the day. We had some fun dabbling in the multiplayer on occasions too.


I have this game but I hardly played it.


Very very harsh. It doesn't look great these days as realistic type racers are easily surpassed as technology improves but at the time it was stunning. Released around the same time as ISS 98 (same week in the UK if I remember right) and just before 1080, Tyrol 2 and Wipeout 64 it did wonders for the N64's image, showing it wasn't just Nintendo-style whimsy on the machine.

Memorable ad too....
F-1 World Grand Prix - Nintendo 64 TV Commercial …:


5/10? Has this guy actually played this game?

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