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"It didn't sit well with purists at the time, but Bomberman's first outing in 3D was nevertheless a valiant effort on Hudson Soft's part to ensure its explosive star remained relevant in gaming. To its credit, the single-player mode delivers an engaging experience based around puzzles and exploration; the multiplayer, however, fails to retain the frenetic pace and maze-centric chaos of its 2D predecessors."

7/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"I love the bomber man games, before this one. The single player game was mediocre at best, and the multi-player did not compare to the SNES version, and definately not the glorious TG-16 version with a multitap. That's not to say this is not a fun game, the chaos of bomber man shines through and the core game play is still intact with charm."

7/10 - TRON 64

"I may not have owned this game, but a friend who lived next door did. I remember single player being a bit tough, with a learning curve. Nevertheless, it was quite enjoyable to play, with music also be quite good. The biggest attraction however was multiplayer mode. It may not be as frantic as past games, but still had plenty of strategy to it."

7/10 - Lunapplebloom 64

"Bomberman 64 was my first game in the storied franchise, so sentimentality is on it's side for this review admittedly. The single player was alright, but my friend and I played this one in multiplayer mode about as much as Mario Kart 64 back in the day (until Smash Bros). This is a guilty pleasure that I wish had hit the Wii Virtual Console."

9/10 - chiefeagle02 64

"Bomberman 64 was among the pinnacles of the series, if you ask me. It's multiplayer is argued from both sides, but I see it as good, allowing full-range of movement. It was such a major game of my childhood, but remains a game that isn't just tarnished by nostalgia. The cutesy art style and great soundtrack set the perfect atmosphere for the happy-go-lucky game."

8/10 - reali-tglitch 64

"Someone trying something different with Bomberman is something we may never see again, and maybe that is good. This game, though, shows how inventive gameplay mechanics can make a good 3D puzzle game that feels like the original game. The controls, how it looked and the music were good and felt Bomberman like, but fresh. The puzzles were repetitive, but solving them was compelling."

7/10 - Twilight_Crow 64

"This game was great because it actually attempted to do things differently within the Bomberman franchise, and for the most part, succeeded. The boss fights were fun. The graphics were great(For the time.). And the game still contained traditional, fun, Bomberman multiplayer. Bomberman 64 may possibly be one of my favorite Bomberman games if not my favorite Bomberman game. I recommend people try it."

8/10 - SecondServing 64

"Bomberman 64 is easy to pick up and play. The controls are simple and each level is user friendly. The game has a good amount of content but the puzzles can feel a bit repetitive at times. Also, story elements are almost non-exsistant in this entry. If you're looking for a more elaborate experience, I'd recommend trying out Bomberman Hero, also on N64, instead."

6/10 - Snivy102 64

"Great game. I do like this much more then the multiplayer titles that everyone loves. To me it felt a bit strange at first (Maybe because it had a isometric viewpoint and because you couldn't jump) and it was pretty hard. But it was also great fun, with good music. The sequel (Wich is third person and thus quite different) is also nice. Recommended!"

7/10 - Henmii 64

"3D-era of gaming had truly started after Playstation and Nintendo64 came out and many old 2D franchises were converted into 3D form. Bomberman 64 doesn't fall into instant classic category but it does a good enough job to justify a 3D game release. A fun single player campaign and multiplayer that has some good mechanics that haven't been used since. Definetely worth checking out."

7/10 - Luffymcduck 64

"Super Bomberman is one of my favorite games of all time. When I rented Bomberman 64, the new mechanics didn't appeal to me nearly as much so I ended up not buying it. I did like how the single player felt more like a true adventure though. I can appreciate that they actually tried something different, even though it lacks some of the finesse."

6/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"Devil's advocate here! What I can agree on is that this game is far different than other Bomberman titles. As an eight year-old, I found the controls on this gem to be on a high learning curve, the single player mode compelling but maddeningly unintuitive, and the multiplayer far more fun than it had any right to be. The best part? Definitely the music!"

8/10 - KlonopinVanNess 64

"Bomberman 64 wasn't a great game. It had some questionable content but I actually enjoyed the game. The powerups, the story and the level designs were well planned out. It was a good try at bringing Bomberman into the 3D world. As a result they tried a lot of things. Some worked, some didn't. They tried, which a lot of companies don't do anymore."

7/10 - Trikeboy 64

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I'm glad to see this feature is now back on the news feed! This is a game I sadly never got to play back in the day but I am tempted to track it down now as I always thought it looked great. It received mixed reviews upon release though.


I do remember playing this title for a couple of minutes at a friends house when I was about 10 or so. It never really left a impression,.........Bomberman, especially during its N64 platforming iterations, just seemed a bit too generic in comparison to what the competition offered, mostly by Rare and Nintendo.


This game was the only time they tried to do something different with their multiplayer mode, I definitely wouldn't fault it for that.
I've played a lot of Bomberman games over the years, this is still one of my favourites.


Oooh yeah. I remembered this game back then. Use to play it all the time. I really did love the stages in this one more. Felt more free. And me and my friends would go insane when time starts running out during multiplayer. XP


I remember this game, loved the characters but felt the ending was lacking, only recently did I learn that getting all the gold cards unlocked the true ending so I really hope this game comes to virtual console so I can unlock that ending


Good to see your putting these games into the News feed on the front page. Might also be cool if you had some links to screens or video footage of the game on these review pages somewhere so people can actually remind themselves of what the games looked like etc.

I never actually played this game but it looks ok.


This one was a Xmas '97 megahit with its secrets-filled single player, amazing soundtrack, and especially the new multiplayer (battling in high grass and on a 3D construct with rising water are especially fond 4-player memories). After heaps of 2D Bomberman games that always took place in a grid arena this was a refreshing and true next gen 3D-Bomberman, and unfortunately the only one of its kind.


Man, I absolutely adored Bomberman 64. Memorable soundtrack, silly but enjoyable plot and wow, I getting all those gold cards was brutal. Wish I still had my original copy.


A friend of mine used to have this game. We played it a lot back in the day.


64 was always going to be worse than 94 so 7/10 was expected.


This is one of the best 64 games. It was a really challenging game with a TON of content.. the multiplayer was actually pretty fun, too. I wish I still had my copy, I've been wanting to play it recently.


I loved the multiplayer mode in B64! Some of the stages, like the grass field, the pyramid, the water station, were brilliant and were truly under appreciated for the time. Bomberman Hero is a disgrace which those horrendous ship stages.


My first memories of Bomberman 64 was reading a review or an article in Nintendo Power, that happened to arrive as I left to a cousin's house. When I arrived at their house, they actually had the game. It was my first Bomberman game, and it left such an impression, that not only did I buy Bomberman 64, but I also went back and acquired older Bomberman games, and bought plenty of later ones.

I loved the frantic multiplayer, but this game's single player experience really shown. Trying to unlock all the costumes and collect all the Gold Cards was an impressive and daunting feat. I always hated this never came to the virtual console. Not that I didn't enjoy Bomberman Hero, but this was the definitive Bomberman experience on the 64. It's also probably why I wanted Bomberman in this new Smash.


Fun game. I used to play the campaign with a friend when I was a kid. We never got far. He didn't have a controller pak so I don't think it ever saved.


Thank you NintendoLife for linking to each update on the news feed so people can see this feature!


Never really cared for this entry but it wasn't bad perse. I just wish Bomberman was still with us today. Screw Konami, they're a shadow of their former selves.


I've so many memories of playing BOMERMAN with friends growing up. BOMERMAN was best served with friends and a four player adapter. Such a laugh all picking on my little brother with mates.

I miss you HUDSON.


This game was ok. I didn't think it was as good as Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, though.


I disagree, loved the multiplayer mode personally. In fact, this was the first Bomberman I played as a kid personally. Maybe that taints my opinion a bit, but me & my friend used to rent this, and had alot of fun playing against each other, or teaming up against the computer players. In fact, I thought the multiplayer mode was more fun the the single-player mode. Didn't get to play that much, sense I spent more time on the VS mode.


Only really played the multiplayer, if I remember correctly. Anyways, together with games like Fifa and Goldeneye, me and my friends were wasting tons upon tons of hours on it. It was great fun with 3 buddies. Good times!


It's almost 10 years since we played trough the last few levels with my friend who owned this game. This is a reminder of a great time for me when every franchise had a 3D release (of course, some 3D games did better than others). Multiplayer had some fun mechanics that havenät been used since.


@Kirk we actually didn't include screenshots/videos on purpose, we wanted to see what people remember about the games


It,s really possible to unlock Regulus and others sub bosses???


This was one of the greatest N64 games ever made along with "Second Attack" everybody loved this. We loved the futuristic world, and the futuristic bombs. We loved "Sirus" being good guy and then turning bad skull man. We loved "Regulus" the Ice-Knght AKA Bullzeeb the Black-Knight
We loved the sequel and the Pommy. We loved every single bit of this game. Especially lighting somebody on fire only for them to explode leaving us their goodies, while they try and take us out as ghosties.

This was the greatest Bomberman experience that HudsonSoft ever, EVVARRRR made. It was soooooo great and I mean so great that even special hidden levels made the game even more fun to play.

They need more DLC for this game. We must have more BMN64. I love Pommy so much as well. When I sold this game I rebrought again later. I have rebrought Kirby like three times but this is another game worth buying again.


This was one of the greatest N64 games ever made

Not even in the top twenty IMO.

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