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It should come as no surprise that Nintendo is pretty protective regarding its IP. Going after emulators, ROM hacks, and reproductions is one thing, but it looks like the firm is starting to aim its sights on something rather surprising: sheet music.

According to two separate community posts on YouTube, it seems like Nintendo is looking to take down fan-arranged sheet music based on its franchises. The first is via the popular channel Sheet Music Boss, which states "In a classic Nintendo move they've DMCAed all of our *correctly licensed* sheet music", before expressing frustration toward the situation:

"In a classic Nintendo move they've DMCAed all of our *correctly licensed* sheet music.

"This doesn't benefit the original artists - they receive royalties for our arrangements that they now won't get. This doesn't benefit us, because it makes us less likely to make music that we LOVE. And it's frustrating for you all, because you can't play our arrangements that we've put hours into.

"We're working on it but it's super frustrating, especially given that so many Nintendo pieces aren't available ANYWHERE as sheets. Sorry to everyone affected and please know it's totally out of our control!"

The second is from purpleschala, a pianist who has amassed a following of nearly 30,000. In a similar post, she confirms that her sheet music hosted via MusicNotes has been taken down by Nintendo, including arrangements for Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles.

Nintendo has been pretty vigilant when it comes to targeting channels hosting official soundtracks without the necessary license to do so, but venturing into sheet music territory seems to be a new thing for the company. It admittedly makes us feel a little uneasy, but then we're not experts on the matter; Nintendo could have every right to take action.

We've reached out to MusicNotes for comment on the matter, but it seems like individuals who wish to upload their own Nintendo arrangements on the site may want to think twice before doing so.

What do you make of these latest moves from Nintendo? Do you think it's warranted? Let us know your thoughts with a comment.

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