The multiplayer survival horror game Dead By Daylight has done all sorts of collaborations (there's even one with Nicholas Cage) and its next lot of crossovers have now been revealed as part of the game's latest anniversary celebrations.

A special Castlevania chapter is arriving later this year. More about this new crossover will be revealed on 6th August 2024. This was announced alongside other news such as a 2v8 mode, which is currently locked in for a late summer launch.

In addition to this, Behaviour Interactive has also revealed a new Dungeons & Dragons chapter, which will take place on 3rd June 2024.

This latest lot of collaborations follows crossovers with various other franchises and series such as Alan Wake, Resident Evil, Stranger Things, and even Silent Hill.

The developer also showed off the new narrative spinoff The Casting of Frank Stone and it's also working on a new PvE shooter, known as Project T. And one other project revealed was a two co-op roguelite title called "The Fog" for PC.

When we learn more about the Castlevania crossover, we'll let you know.