It's BlizzCon 2023 this weekend, and in addition to announcements for games like Diablo IV and World of Warcraft, Blizzard has unveiled a brand new tank hero for the free-to-play class-based shooter, Overwatch 2.

This new character is a Samoan hero named Mauga (meaning "mountain" in Samoan) and is a dual chain gun-wielding tank hero, who can unleash "Cardiac Overdrive" - an ability that will damage enemies and gain HP at the same time.

Mauga was first introduced in an Overwatch short story four years ago and apparently "as this big loud brute, however, this is just a facade, he's a cunning tactician always one step ahead of his enemies".

This hero will be available in a "limited-time free trial" this weekend between 3rd November to 5th November and will then be officially released in Season 8 on 5th December. Along with this, Overwatch 2 will also be adding the new mode Clash PvP and the new map Hanaoka (inspired by Hanamura).

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