Image: Kickstarter

As AI starts to (regrettably) tighten its grip on the entertainment industry, it's nice to see that some companies out there are tackling the difficult subject in sensible ways.

Take Kickstarter, for instance. The popular public benefit company has recently revealed its new AI policy (thanks, Push Square) and it's actually reasonably sound. Taking effect from August 29th, 2023, the new policy will essentially require creators utilising AI to not only be completely transparent on how it will be implemented, but also ensure that projects will include elements of wholly original, human-created content.

The policy itself contains two key instructions for creators:

- To be allowed on Kickstarter, projects utilizing AI tools for generating images, text, or any other output must disclose relevant details on their project page. This includes information about how the creator plans to use AI content in their project, as well as which elements of their project will be wholly original work and which elements will be created using AI outputs.

- Projects developing AI technology, tools, or software must disclose information about any databases and data the creator intends to use. The creator must also indicate how these sources handle consent and credit for the data they utilize. If the sources don’t have processes or safeguards in place to manage consent, such as through an opt-out or opt-in mechanism, then Kickstarter is unlikely to allow the project.

Of course, the important thing to note here is that Kickstarter isn't banning the use of AI entirely, but is rather attempting to ensure that projects utilising the technology do so with the utmost transparency to potential backers.

It has also clarified that as AI technology continues to mature, the policy will also be revisited frequently based on conversations with the community.

What do you make of Kickstarter's new AI policy? How do you feel about AI in general? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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