South Korean boy band Enhypen has been making waves since it formed back in 2020, and judging from the latest single 'One and Only', the lads have only gone and recruited some Pokémon to help out with the music video.

We're assuming the Pokémon are taking a break from battles and whatnot to appear here, but we've got Pikachu, Snorlaz, Charizard, Charmander, Lucario, and Zoroark all making an appearance in various situations. Good sports!

It's a cute video - some might say almost nauseatingly cute, but not us, definitely not - in which the band members all hang out with the Pokémon and carry out very menial day-to-day tasks, except, get this... It turns out to be all just a dream in the end. So no, Pokémon aren't real, unfortunately.

Still, give it a listen, see what you think. It's not quite up our street, but we can appreciate it for what it is.

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