Image: The Pokémon Company

It appears the 'Pikachu Talk' app available for Google Home and Assistant devices is finishing up later this month.

As you might recall, this device allowed fans of Pikachu to casually chat with him in the comfort of their own home. You could ask him all sorts of questions and he would respond with classic phrases like "Pika-pi!" and "Pi-kaaa-chuuuuuuuu". He would even sing Happy Birthday!

Here's the message about the service's discontinuation on 13th June 2023:

"Just so you know, Pikachu won't be available starting June 13th."

GoNintendo has also shared a bit more information about the service's discontinuation:

"At this point, if you attempt to engage Pikachu through your Google Home speaker or the Google Assistant app on Android or iOS devices, you will receive a message indicating the app’s unavailability after the date mentioned earlier. This development comes as Google has decided to remove third-party voice apps and games from their Home/Assistant platform."

The source further notes how Pikachu Talk will "continue to be accessible" on Amazon Alexa devices, but this could also change in the future.

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[source gonintendo.com]