Pokémon Horizons
Image: The Pokémon Company

For many of us, first laying eyes on a Poké Ball brought two thoughts immediately to mind: 1) I want one of those, and 2) what does it look like in there? While many will have spent varying amounts of time and money to achieve the former (not writing from personal experience, of course *ahem*), the new Pokémon Horizons anime might have just given us an idea of the latter.

The series is currently airing in Japan and is yet to be given a release date out West, that being said, Serebii webmaster @JoeMerrick has taken to Twitter to show one particular revelation from a recent episode which shows what the interior of a Luxury Ball might look like.

We're not exactly sure what our child minds first pictured when we questioned a Poké Ball's contents all of those years ago, but it certainly wasn't comfy sofas and a drinks cabinet. Of course, this is only the case for a Luxury Ball, so it would make sense that the 'mon in there would be living it up — a regular Ball might contain nothing more than a concrete shell with a leaky roof, after all.

Context might be the killer here (is the above shot just an imagining of the Ball's interior or is it the real deal?), but we like the thought that inside every Luxury Ball there is a Pokémon getting a little tipsy while 'Dance Club Anthems' plays in the background.

We'll just have to wait for the series' official global release to find out...

What might the inside of other Poké Balls look like? Tell us what you have always visualised in the comments below.

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