Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Pro Controller
Image: Nintendo Life

One of the hottest items off the back of the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, was the game's special edition Pro Controller. These items sold out quicker than you could say "Ultrahand", and we can't say that we were all that surprised. Yes, the single white handle is a slightly rogue design choice, but it's difficult to argue with just how sweet that gold detailing looks.

Getting one of these bad boys has quickly become a pretty big deal, but there have been reports from some customers that the much sought-after controller is experiencing drift right out of the box.

We have seen several complaints about this very issue across both Twitter and Reddit, with some owners claiming that retailers are only able to offer refunds (not a replacement controller) due to the low quantities of the stock:

Joy-Con drift is something that most Switch owners have experienced at some point in their lives — heck, we even know how to fix the issue ourselves these days — and even the excellent Pro Controller is not immune, but drifting straight out of the box (or, according to some reports, after only a few hours of play) is not an ideal situation by any means. Fortunately, there may be a quick fix to the problem that avoids needing to send the device off to Nintendo.

We are talking about updating and recalibrating. It appears that several reports of TOTK Pro Controller drift have been fixed by this very solution, which gets around the long wait time for repairs and bypasses the obvious risks of attempting to fix the issue yourself.

To recalibrate your Pro Controller, head to System Settings, scroll down the menu on the left and select Controllers and Sensors. You'll then want to select Calibrate Control Sticks from the right menu which will bring up a handy diagram of how your analogue sticks are currently operating and give you the option to recalibrate them by pressing X.

We have a more in-depth look at the recalibration process as well as some other tips for fixing Pro Controller drift in the following guide:

We cannot speak to every scenario in which the TOTK controller has had this issue, but it looks like a simple recalibration is working in the majority of instances. If you are still experiencing drift despite trying this, then the best method might be to contact Nintendo Customer Support and see if the team will offer to fix the problem. Though there is no guarantee of this being 1) possible and 2) free, so be prepared to part with your beloved Pro Controller for a while and potentially cough up some cash.

Were you lucky enough to get a Tears of the Kingdom Pro Controller? Have you had any drift issues so far? Let us know in the comments.