Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Image: The Pokémon Company

Update [Tue 30th May, 2023 12:30 BST]:

This Scarlet and Violet compatibility update for Pokémon HOME is now officially live! More information coming soon.

Original [Tue 30th May, 2023 04:05 BST]:

Last week, The Pokémon Company announced it would finally begin rolling out the Scarlet and Violet compatibility update for Pokémon HOME on 30th May.

This day has now arrived, and if you had any doubts - there's no need to worry, as it seems the cloud service really is getting this update today. Version 3.0.0 can be downloaded on Nintendo Switch, and as highlighted by Serebii.net on social media, maintenance has officially begun.

We had a look as well, and if you try to go beyond the start screen, you'll be presented with an error code.

This launch will be a staggered rollout, to reduce the server load. And when it does go fully live, you'll be able to finally transfer your Pokémon to and from the Paldea region. Here are the patch notes, via the mobile version of the game:

Pokémon Home - mobile (Version 3.0.0):

- Added compatibility with Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
- Added a feature that allows players to view a Pokémon's stats from different games it's been in
- Added Challenges and stickers
- Other issues have also been addressed in order to ensure a user-friendly experience

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