With the Mii Tour entering its final lap in Nintendo's mobile racer, we have got our first proper look at what is around the corner for Mario Kart Tour. The game's next chapter will focus on Peach and Daisy, as the Princess Tour gets off the starting line on 31st May.

This one brings back two classic courses to fit with the princess theme. From Mario Kart Wii, we will see a fresh take on the Wii Daisy Circuit, and GBA Peach Circuit will be returning from Mario Kart Super Circuit.

As we have come to expect with these tour announcements, the reveal of the new courses also brought with it news of the upcoming Mii racing suits. This time, the outfits will also have a princess focus (seems fitting, really) as both the Daisy and Pink Racing Suits drift into the game from the end of the month.

You can get a look at the upcoming racing suits as well as a teaser for the outfits that are coming next Tour (could the one on the right really be Waluigi?) in the video below.

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