Hollow Knight: Silksong
Image: Team Cherry

We've finally got an update about the anticipated release Hollow Knight: Silksong, but it might not be the news everyone was expecting.

According to Team Cherry's marketing and publishing rep Matthew Griffin, Silksong was apparently "planned to release in the 1st half of 2023" but development on the game is still going. The reason it's taking so long is because it's become quite a big project and the team wants to release it in the best state possible.

"Hey gang, just a quick update about Silksong. We had planned to release in the 1st half of 2023, but development is still continuing. We're excited by how the game is shaping up, and it's gotten quite big, so we want to take the time to make the game as good as we can. Expect more details from us once we get closer to release."

The previous official update about Silksong was back in June last year during an Xbox showcase - with the Microsoft-owned gaming division confirming Silksong would be made available on Game Pass within the next 12 months as a day-one release. Based on this latest development though, this seems unlikely.

As noted in the update above, more details about Silksong will be released as the game gets closer to its release.

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