Zelda Ocarina of Time Link Master Sword
Image: Nintendo

We've got a couple of new things going on over on our lovely YouTube channel at the moment. And in one of our new series, Felix is tackling older games that he's never played before, yet among our community, are highly beloved.

First Bytes has been kicking around as an idea for a while here at Nintendo Life because not everyone in the world has played every single classic video game. So Felix has decided to tackle his backlog head-on and play through some of the greatest Nintendo games ever. And he's started with a corker of a game — The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Now, we know that Ocarina of Time is often called one of the best video games of all time, but there's a whole generation of people who were born after 1998 who haven't got to experience this classic. Felix is among them, and he wants to share his first experience with you lovely readers and viewers.

At the moment, First Bytes should be streamed on YouTube once a week. The first stream kicked off last Thursday, with the second one taking place... well, right now! We've had a really positive reception to this series — after all, there's nothing like sharing your favourite games with others for the first time and watching them fall in love with them for the first time. You might even discover something new about your favourites.

You can check out this week's stream below, or if you want to catch up with Felix's adventure so far, check out his first stream in our VOD. Felix went for over four hours last week, so there's still plenty to watch today. (Or, if you're reading this later in the day/week, then you've got some nice Ocarina of Time content to catch up on!)

Let us know what you think of Felix's journey through Ocarina of Time in the comments so far, and make sure you keep up to date with our streams over on YouTube.