If you've been a long-time fan of Nintendo Life, there's probably one thing you associate with us as much as you do Nintendo news: the words "Hhhhhello there lovely peeeeeople".

Coined by the very lovely Alex Olney over on YouTube for us, he, Zion, and Felix have decided to finally crack open the egg and reveal the truth behind what is our most-famous catchphrase. That's right, folks, it's time to strap in and get ready for a Nintendo Life history lesson.

Alex recounts the first time he used the phrase way back when the channel was but a wee fledgling outlet on YouTube all the way to how it's evolved (spoilers: it hasn't, and it's perfect). Make sure you have your Nintendo Life lorebooks at the ready and start scribbling down because this is an all-timer of a video.

Why don't you lovely people tell us what you think about the history of this beloved catchphrase in the comments?