If you are after a little smile today, then look no further than the adorable second episode of Pokémon's official web series Cube-Shaped Pokémon On Cubie Island.

Episode one was released on the company's Japanese YouTube channel just a few weeks ago (you can check it out here) and with each lasting around 90 seconds, you don't have all that much catching up to do.

The show has a very Pokémon Quest-y style about it as it follows a little Pikachu (of the cube-shaped variety) going about his day on the imaginatively-named 'Cubie Island'. We get a better look at Psyduck this time around and, if you watch until the very end, even get a peak at another familiar face.

The series might not have the narrative pull of the Pokémon Horizons anime, nor necessarily the visual flare of the upcoming Concierge Netflix show, but it is cute and cuddly and at just over a minute long, it's difficult to be too snooty about this kind of thing.

It's adorable, right? Let us know if you're enjoying the series so far in the comments below.

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