Sonic Waffle Maker 1
Image: Sega / Uncanny Brands

We love weird video game related accessories and appliances - frankly, the weirder the better. The latest effort from Sega and Uncanny Brands is surely one of the best we've seen in quite some time - a Sonic the Hedgehog waffle maker.

Yes, available now as a prize option at Dave and Buster's, the waffle maker features a bright graphic on the outside along with a highly detailed plate to ensure Sonic is firmly imprinted on all of your delicious waffles. Yum.

Here's some official information from Sega along with a few images for your perusal:

"The Sonic the Hedgehog Waffle Maker is a Sonic fan and breakfast enthusiast’s dream. The supersonic gadget features a bright Sonic the Hedgehog graphic on the front and a highly detailed plate inside to imprint the Blue Blur on waffle varieties of all flavors. The nonstick coating on the plates makes it a breeze to clean, so Sonic chefs can quickly speed out the door and around the Chemical Plant Zone to battle injustice. When it’s not in use, it is lightweight and easy to store, making it the ideal kitchen item for any Sonic the Hedgehog super fan."

It's making us pretty hungry, to be honest.

What do you make of this new collaboration between Sega and Uncanny Brands? Fancy winning yourself a Sonic waffle maker? Let us know with a comment down below.