Dr. Mario 64
Image: Nintendo

The creator of Mario and legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto is currently on a whistle-stop tour around the world to promote The Super Mario Bros. Movie. And during this promotional tour, Miyamoto has shared his thoughts about one of the plumbers side gigs: Dr. Mario.

In an interview with IGN, the Nintendo legend talks about how the movie has shown us a brand new side of Mario. But as a result, that calls into question the multiple roles Mario has undertaken over the years. Miyamoto specifically singles out Mario's career as a doctor, which began way back in 1990 on the Game Boy and NES.

Miyamoto says of the 'imposter' doctor:

"Mario’s a blue-collar, he’s a regular person. So, even when he becomes Dr. Mario, there’s a sort of, like, shadiness, like 'can I trust this person?'"

So it's safe to say Mario's medical license is under scrutiny here. If Miyamoto can't trust him, then why should we? And the movie is the reason this is being called into question, because Mario's "everyman" quality evolves into something more:

"I think that’s the kind of image that’s carried down for generations as Mario. And to see that image kind of coincide, and then evolve into something of a hero is something that I’m really happy to see."

We're sure in many people's eyes, Mario has always been a hero. But The Super Mario Bros. Movie definitely gives Mario a character arc which emphasises growth. He doesn't usually have a voice, after all. It's quite amusing, however, to hear Miyamoto describe Dr. Mario as "shady". But then what about Dr. Luigi, Dr. Peach, and Dr. Bowser...?

Mario has had a lot of jobs over the years, from artist to chef to cement factory worker, and tons more. How many of these is he truly qualified for? Best not to think about it too hard.

Would you get your annual check up with Dr. Mario? Get diagnosing in the comments.

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