VR headsets, 3D glasses — there are lots of peripherals that you pop on your head to interact with films and video games in different ways. But the Viture XR Glasses are something very different altogether — they essentially work as a projector that sits right in front of your face. And it works with the Switch.

Launching on Kickstarter back in 2022, these XR (Extended Reality) Glasses allow you to play games on the go — but you won't have to deal with the Switch's smaller, less powerful resolution in handheld mode, as you can play your Switch docked.

The lovely Alex over on our YouTube was sent a pair of these and he tested them out for us. By plugging the Switch into the XR Glasses' combined power bank and dock, it tricks the device into thinking it's plugged into a TV. Then, plug the glasses into the dock and voila! You're playing full 1080p, 60fps (where possible) on your Switch "portably".

Have a look at how it all works in the video up top — Alex came away pretty impressed, and we're certainly intrigued. And if you're curious, then check out the glasses over on Viture's website.

Would you wear these XR glasses to play Switch games? Let us know in the usual spot.