Solo developer OrionSoft has launched a Kickstarter page to fund a brand new game for the Game Boy Advance.

Dubbed 'Alice Sisters', the game is already available on the SEGA Megadrive / Genesis and Dreamcast, with the current Kickstarter campaign looking to fund a release on the GBA, PS1, and Atari Falcon 030. The game itself is a cute platformer with additional support for 2-player co-op. You'll be helping Alice and her sister save their mother through 28 levels spread across 4 unique worlds.

As for the co-op play, OrionSoft has confirmed that you'll be able to link up two GBA consoles with the link cable via the multiboot compatibility, meaning you'll only need one copy of the game to enjoy the multiplayer component.

Here's a list of features from OrionSoft:

- 4 unique worlds
- 28 levels
- 4 bosses
- 4 game modes (from children easy to hardcore gamer mode, and a "think before you play" puzzle mode)
- Cute graphics
- An auto-save system

Backers can expect to pay €14 or more for a copy of the GBA ROM file, €40 or more for the GBA cartridge alone, and €55 or more for the game complete in the box. At the time of writing, there are 26 days left to back the project and the estimated delivery date for the physical game is September 2023.

Will you be backing this new Game Boy Advance game? Let us know with a comment.