Donkey Kong - Mario Movie
Image: Nintendo, Illumination

There's been a lot of discussion about how Chris Pratt will sound as Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, but what will Donkey Kong's voice sound like?

In an interview with, DK's voice actor Seth Rogen admitted he doesn't do voices and just used his regular one for Donkey Kong. There was no real back and forth about how to do the voice for DK, like with Mario.

Seth Rogen: "I was very clear, I don’t do voices. And if you want me to be in this movie, it’s gonna sound like me and that’s it. And that was the beginning and end of that conversation. I was like, ‘If you want Donkey Kong to sound a lot like me, I’m your guy.’ But it did seem to work, you know, I think in the film and in the game I think all you really know about Donkey Kong is that he throws barrels and he does not like Mario very much."

You can actually hear Rogen as Donkey Kong in one of the recent trailers, and it's true - it really does sound just like Seth Rogen:

In terms of the relationship between Mario and DK, Rogen describes it as an "adversarial" one, mentioning how DK would probably rather be off on his own adventures, so he kind of just ran with the idea that the tie-wearing gorilla "hates" Mario.

Speaking of Donkey Kong running off on his own adventures - when asked about a potential spinoff movie, Rogen confirmed interest, mentioning how it would be a "fun" project to do.

Rogen and Pratt will be joined by Charlie Day as Luigi, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Jack Black as Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, and much more talent in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie. There'll also be a "special voice appearance" by the video game voice of Mario, Charles Martinet.

Are you excited to see the Mario movie? How are you feeling about Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong? Comment below.

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