Image: Nintendo Life

If you've ever wanted a Slowpoke summoning circle or a Slowpoke crown, well then, we have the toy for you. Bandai has revealed it's releasing a plastic Pokémon model for Slowpoke, and it can latch onto other Slowpoke toys by biting their tails.

Shared by PokéJungle on Twitter, the plastic model (from Bandai Spirits via the Bandai Hobby site) is 120mm in length once put together and is slightly curved so that when you attach it to multiple Slowpokes, it will form a circle. It comes with four different eye stickers, so you can give it a handful of different expressions, too. It's pretty adorable, but it's only been announced for Japan so far.

Launching in August 2023, the model will cost around 715 yen, which is around $5.39 USD / £4.41, so it's not expensive at all. That's without shipping or the fact that you might want to buy like, 20 of them to build multiple Slowpoke circles.

Slowpoke is a beloved Pokémon known for its dopey, lazy demeanour and its lovely pink colouring. It also evolves into Slowbro or Slowking, depending on how you evolve it. But, for our money, we love Slowpoke as it is.

The model, however, reminded us of something, and we really had to dig into the memory banks for this one — who remembers The Slowpoke Song? Well, watch the below video and see if you can spot some similarities...

Are you desperate for a Slowpoke circle in your life? Circle around in the comments.