Publisher Dear Villagers has today announced that the upcoming baked goods-based RPG Born of Bread will be rising to the occasion on Switch this summer.

Recently displayed at PAX East where we got a chance to go hands-on with the demo, Born of Bread is a Paper Mario-like RPG from developers WildArts Games where you take control of Loaf (yep, the loaf's name is Loaf) as he sets about on an adventure to save his world. Much like its papery plumber inspiration, this all takes place with handmade-looking 2D characters in a 3D environment and there is a good helping of turn-based battling to make the connection even stronger.

The latest trailer (found above) gives us a closer look at the colourful cast of characters, comical mechanics and that all-important battle system that will see us rapidly pressing buttons to watch a bread boy beat up monsters — not something that we thought we'd be seeing today, but we're pleased that we did.

For a little more information about the game's features as well as a closer look at some screenshots, check out the following from the publishers:

To bake Born of Bread, you’ll need the following ingredients:
- One flour golem who possesses a never-ending childlike wonder and a set of odd abilities
- A wonderful world ripe with mysteries
- An eclectic cast of fleshed-out characters
- A wacky storyline
- A pinch of light puzzles
- Turn-based battles with a dash of real-time minigames
- Bright, colorful 2.5D graphics
- Side-missions (add to taste)
- A captive audience granting you bonuses in battle

Whether Born of Bread can live up to the iconic 2.5D adventure RPGs of the past remains to be seen, but we sure are looking forward to finding out more while the game is left to prove over the next couple of months.

What do you make of Born to Bread? Leave a slice of your thoughts in the comments below.