Pokémon Manga Liko 2023
Image: The Pokémon Company

Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro Comic has given us the first look at a brand new Pokémon manga which will feature the stars of the new anime season, which kicks off on 14th April in Japan.

Shared on Twitter by @MangaMoguraRE, the colour cover depicts the two new Pokémon trailers — Liko and Roy — along with Scarlet & Violet's adorable starter Pokémon. The manga will start in Monthly CoroCoro on the same day as the anime begins.

This month's issue is really just an overview and a sneak peek at the manga series and some character bios, but it gives us another look at the two heroes we'll be getting acquainted with this year. As many have pointed out, Roy is holding a rather unusual-looking Poké Ball. We don't know exactly what this new ball is capable of, but it looks like it'll be key to the new arc.

The anime is currently winding up Ash and Pikachu's story and Japan is reminiscing about our long-term heroes — we'll miss them, too!

Are you excited about the new chapter in the Pokémon manga and anime? Let us know in the comments.

[source corocoro.jp, via twitter.com]