Zelda ChuChu gummies
Image: Nintendo Life

What's a better promotional tie-in than sweets, hey? Bandai knows that, and it's releasing some The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-themed gummies in May in Japan to celebrate the release of the highly anticipated game. But they're not rupee-shaped or even Triforce shaped, oh no. They look just like Chuchu (via Tokyo Game Life on Twitter).

It just makes sense, doesn't it — edible Chuchu sweets? They look like bouncy little bits of jelly in the games anyway, and as they come in different colours. They're tailor-made for this kind of tie in, and we're quite surprised that this is the first time this has been done. But despite being different colours, they don't come in different flavours — they're all grape-flavoured. No apple-flavoured sweets for the green one? Really?

Edible Chuchus aren't the only fun part of this pack of sweet, though. With each packet, you get one of five sword-shaped picks to stab the sweets with, with one obviously based on the Master Sword, and the other four based on other Breath of the Wild and (probably) Tears of the Kingdom weapons.

The picks are only 6.5cm long, and we're sure many fans will be trying to collect all five swords. That'll probably be a lot of sweets, then. Hopefully they taste good. Now imagine if there was a giant sweet based on The Minish Cap boss — we're not even sure how we'd go about eating that.

The gummies are releasing in Japan in May 2023, most likely right before Tears of the Kingdom drops on 12th May. Perfect food for just sitting down and playing Zelda and doing nothing else for a week, then, right...?

Will you be importing some edible Chuchu goodness for your Tears of the Kingdom sessions later this year? Chu on your thoughts in the comments.

[source bandai.co.jp, via twitter.com]