We've seen Zelda recreated in Minecraft before, but this latest project by YouTuber C1OUS3R takes it to the next level.

Instead of calling on third-party Minecraft mods and resource packs to work some magic, they've managed to recreate Link's original top-down 2D adventure by editing textures and exploiting certain in-game features using only the "vanilla" command block functions to make it "accessible as possible".

As you can see in the video above, the project goes on to create the entire Zelda overworld, add in Link, enemies and even dungeons. The end result looks so good, you can't even tell it's running on Minecraft. There's even a "reaction" segment of the video, and it's safe to say the testers are quite impressed.

Earlier this year, the same YouTuber shared their creation of the original Super Mario Bros. in Minecraft - running entirely on vanilla Minecraft with "no mods". They've also done a Sonic the Hedgehog one which is just as amazing.

If you are seeking a more official way to play these classic Nintendo titles, you can always check them out via the Switch Online retro libraries. You can also try out the above Zelda Minecraft game via C1OUS3R's YouTube channel links. Keep in mind, you'll need the PC version of Minecraft to check it out.

What do you think of this recreation of Zelda in Minecraft? Comment below.

[source kotaku.com]