Licca-chan / Mario 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Japanese toy mannufacturer Takara Tomy has revealed a new model in its popular 'Licca-chan' doll range based on Nintendo's Super Mario franchise (thanks, Automaton).

The release marks an official collaboration between Takara and Nintendo and features the doll wearing Mario's iconic red and blue overalls and hat. Also included is a cute little bag that's based on the yellow question mark block from the game series, along with a set of small paper accessories that you can whack into the bag itself. There's also a background piece that includes official Mario artwork, including Peach's castle, a Pirahna Plant, and more.

The doll's official name is “Licca-chan LD-33 Super Mario Daisuki Licca-chan”, which translates loosely to “Licca-chan LD-33 Licca-chan loves Super Mario!”. It will be available from March 10th on the official website at a price of 5280 yen (around $40). Unfortunately, however, it appears that international shipping won't be available - boo.

Nevertheless, it's an interesting collaboration and we'd be curious to see what else the two companies come up with in the future!

What do you make of this Licca-chan / Super Mario cross-over? Would you like to own one yourself? Let us know with a comment!

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