Sonic / Donkey Kong
Image: Nintendo Life

Sonic the Hedgehog is no stranger to change. The franchise has crossed paths with multiple genres across the decades, from its humble beginnings as a 2D platformer to the latest "open-zone" 3D title Sonic Frontiers, and everything in between.

But what would happen if you took the concept of classic 2D Sonic and mixed it with the core aesthetics of Donkey Kong Country? Well, as spotted by our good pals over on Time Extension, you'd get Super Sonic System, a brand new fan-made game from @OMinecraftera, who has successfully completed building a stage called 'Green Passageway'.

The game looks excellent, blending the iconic "gotta go fast" gameplay of classic Sonic titles with the pre-rendered 3D graphics you'd find in Donkey Kong Country. The combination sounds odd in theory, but judging from the video provided on Twitter, it's actually a match made in heaven. We also love how Sonic himself looks here; it's such a drastic departure from his usual slick visuals, and we think it works like a charm.

It's likely going to be a little while until the full game is completed, but we've definitely got our fingers crossed for a demo or playable version in the near future. It just goes to show what's possible when passionate fans take matters into their own hands.

What do you make of this Sonic / Donkey Kong crossover? Let us know with a comment below.

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