Mega Man X fans have been patiently waiting for new content from the franchise for literal years at this point. Aside from the Legacy Collection bundles released back in 2018 along with a... shall we say, enthusastic mobile game in the form of Mega Man X DiVE in 2020, we've had no original content since Mega Man X8 launched all the way back in 2004.

Well, Mega Man X is back... Sort of. But not really. The original SNES game is getting the homage treatement in brand new Minecraft x Mega Man X DLC, which is available now on Nintendo Switch. The content will include some iconic levels from the original game, 10 character skins (including X and Zero, of course), the Mega Man X soundtrack, and multiplayer support.

Be aware that you'll need the latest version of Minecraft in order to download this DLC.

Here's what Mojang Studios itself has to say about the release:

"Dash through the blockiest Mega Man X world, charged with the original Mega Man X soundtrack and 14 classic skins from the series! Use The Blue Bomber’s arsenal of 9 weapons to fight an army of Mavericks, make your way through iconic levels, and defeat epic bosses."

Hopefully this is some sort of signal that we can potentially expect more Mega Man X content in the future, but we're not going to hold our breath. Minecraft has played host to a number of different IP over the years, so this is just one more to check off the list.

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