Developer DevM Games has announced that the wacky 3D platformer Super Adventure Hand will be making its way to the Switch later this year, sometime in Q3 2023.

In Super Adventure Hand, you play as a, um... hand, and you need to find the rest of your body and reattach yourself, because that just makes sense, right? What follows is perhaps one of the most insane platformers you'll have likely seen in quite some time; one in which you'll need to avoid deadly obstacles like chains and sawblades all while customising your hand with fabulous nailpaint. What more could you want?

Here are some key features from DevM Games:

- 50+ finger twisting levels!
- Walk on walls, rolling boulders, chains and much more.
- Drive a small car or why not take the skateboard!
- 5 fantastic high friction digits!
- Feet, yuck!
- Scary fires, sawblades and other obstacles!
- State of the art hand physics!
- One really charismatic thumb!
- An exciting nail-biting story!

Will you be adding Super Adventure Hand to your Switch collection? Let us know with a comment!