Pokémon Journey of Dreams
Image: The Pokémon Company

A brand new animated short for Pokémon is releasing in China the day after Pokémon Day called 'Journey of Dreams'. Spotted by Serebii, the short will debut on 28th February, and the reveal poster has got us all feeling a bit nostalgic.

The Pokémon Company knows just how to tap into our nostalgia, and the debut poster — shared on Chinese social network site Weibo (thanks, PokéJungle!) — features a young boy looking up at all sorts of Pokémon and environments, all while holding a Game Boy in his hands. In front of him, you can spot a GBA, a Game Boy Color, a DS, and a DS Lite, and if you're Pokémon fans like us, you've likely owned almost every single one of those.

The Pokémon on the poster are from different Gens too — while favourites like Pikachu, Charizard, Lapras, and Mewtwo are present, more recent additions like Tsareena, Yveltal, and Lycanroc (Midnight Form). The environments look like they're based on other Pokémon games too — we definitely get some Black & White vibes from the temple on the left (we're thinking N's flashbacks), and Spear Pillar's broken columns from Diamond & Pearl are being invoked on the right.

Unfortunately, we don't know whether this will be shown outside of China yet, but if so, we expect it'll be announced during next week's Pokémon Presents on Pokémon Day. That'd be a nice surprise! We'll let you know if it does get an international release.

Of course, there's always a lot of focus on the games on Pokémon Day, and we've put our thinking caps on to consider what might get shown off during the presentation — and we've gone big and bold with our predictions.

Would you like to watch Journey of Dreams? Do you think we'll see a release worldwide? Let us know in the comments.

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