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Video game companies have to deal with a lot of things behind the scenes, and one story that's recently come to light isn't pleasant at all.

According to a translation by Nintendo Everything, Japanese media outlet Kyoto Shimbun reports the arrest of a "36-year-old female permatemp on suspicion of intimidation" on 9th February 2023 for allegedly sending death threats to a Nintendo executive in June last year.

It's unclear who exactly was targeted at the Kyoto-based headquarters, but a package sent by the suspect supposedly contained a bag of incense and some alarming documents.

One of the messages attached reportedly included notes like "I'll kill you" and "Die Nintendo!", and made reference to a specific date. According to local police, the suspect has apparently never met the Nintendo executive and there's believed to be "no personal hatred".

Nintendo hasn't publicly commented on the incident at this point in time, but if we hear any developments, we'll update you.

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