The Legend of Zelda OoT amiibo
Image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grassl

Nintendo is launching The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in May of this year and it seems like there could also be a Zelda amiibo restock taking place ahead of this game's release.

New pre-order listings for Nintendo's existing Zelda amiibo line have surfaced on French e-commerce site fnac. According to the same listing, these amiibo will be re-released in France next month. Here's the rundown of the possible restocks (via Nintendo Wire):

- Majora’s Mask Link
- Wolf Link
- Rider Link
- Archer Link
- Ocarina of Time Link
- Twilight Princess Link
- Pixel Link
- Guardian
- Wind Waker Link
- Skyward Sword Link
- Zelda – BoTW Version
- Zelda – Toon
- Bokoblin
- Zelda – Smash Bros.

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, amiibo allowed the player to unlock special items and extra goodies on a daily basis. There's been no mention of amiibo support just yet for Tears of the Kingdom, but if it was included, it wouldn't necessarily be a surprise.

Nintendo is known to restock amiibo ahead of major game releases. Most recently, it restocked older Fire Emblem amiibo ahead of the Fire Emblem Engage launch later this month. This game will also include amiibo support. The Japanese company also did the same thing with the Splatoon line before the arrival of Splatoon 3 last year (another title to feature amiibo support).

Do you think we'll see amiibo support in Tears of the Kingdom? Would you be interested in adding any amiibo on the above list to your collection? Tell us below.

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