Pets can do silly things. They eat newspapers, tear up fabric, and make us laugh. But one famous fish has accidentally revealed its owner's credit card details during a Pokémon Violet livestream. Automaton Media reports that the fish found its way onto the eShop and did a number of things, including changing the user nickname and adding funds to the owner's wallet.

Okay, this one needs some context, doesn't it? Mutekimaru Channel is a Japanese YouTuber whose most well-known livestream series is called 'Fish Play Pokémon'. On these streams — you guessed it — some pet fish actually manages to play through entire Pokémon games. The channel has played through Pokémon Crystal, LeafGreen, and Sapphire, among many others — with 20,00 hours of playtime under their belt, this school of fish is incredibly impressive.

But how do they play? Mutekimaru has created a program and circuit board that uses motion tracking. The board has a sheet of paper and various button inputs on it, and it's placed behind the fish tank. When the fish swims by the button, the circuit board picks up the movement and inputs the relevant movement.

On 15th January, while playing Pokémon Violet on stream, the game crashed and the fish found themselves going into the Switch's menu, and then the eShop. It's a... journey, to say the least. Once on the eShop, the fish manage to browse a few games such as Minecraft and Minecraft Legends, but not before popping into the wallet page and adding 500 yen to Mutekimaru's account — which is where the credit card details were on show!

Look, we know we said we didn't like fish Pokémon the other day — but this proves that real fish are way more interesting! We wouldn't be happy if our pet fish revealed our card details online, but you know. At least it's a unique skill...?

The fish weren't quite done there, though. As a last hurrah, they created a brand new icon for Mutekimaru using Platinum Points via the rewards system. The icon? A simple little Nintendo Switch Sports golf character.

Well, this wasn't something we were expecting to see on a Tuesday morning, but it gave us a good laugh. Mutekimaru has announced, however, that Pokémon Violet will be the very last Fish Play Pokémon. So this little school's shenanigans will be coming to an end after they complete the game. We wish our dogs and cats could play Pokémon now, though. Or maybe we should get in on the fish Pokémon phase?

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(Thanks for the tip, Madison!)

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