Random: People Are Sharing Their "Useless" Video Game Knowledge On Twitter - Here Are The Best Ones 1

There is nothing in the world more powerful than a video game secret on a school playground. For an entire day — maybe even a week — you can become the king of recess, just by wielding the Mew Under Truck rumour, or the secret Triforce hidden in Ocarina of Time. Hey, who said the secrets need to be real?

Lately, Twitter has been packed with secrets ready to take to the playground, after podcast hosts Aaron and Tommy asked everyone what their best "useless" piece of video game knowledge was:

And boy, did the internet deliver. The tweet now has over 84 million views, with thousands of replies to the question that range from the well-known secrets to the stuff that even we didn't know. Here are our favourites:

Teeny tiny hobbitses

The Super Mario Bros. 3 box was a lie

You can cut down long grass in Pokémon

Sakurai never shuts up about his cat

Ocarina's dungeon targeting

Charles Martinet's movie career

What are your best useless video game facts? Tell us in the comments!