Masahiro Sakurai
Image: Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games (via YouTube)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai has tackled a hot topic in his latest YouTube upload - discussing the pros and cons of digital and physical game collections.

Sakurai admits he's "team digital all the way" and doesn't really consider himself to be a collector. Rather than focusing on the game's packaging, he prefers to hold onto the "experience" he has when playing these games. He also mentions how he no longer really has the space for a large physical game library and opts to keep things compact with folders and other storage solutions.

Here are the apparent 'pros' of each, according to Sakurai's latest video:

Physical - Pros

  • Can keep it forever
  • Less data to install
  • Collectible
  • You don't need a point card/credit card to buy

Digital - Pros

  • Instant purchase
  • Always in stock
  • No need to go to the store
  • It doesn't require shelf space

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