Animal Crossing / Godiva 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Have you ever wondered what the villagers of Animal Crossing taste like? Nah, can't say that we have, either. But, thanks to a collaboration between Nintendo and luxury chocolate brand Godiva, residents in Japan can now purhase boxes of chocolates featuring the adorable mugs of Tom Nook, Isabelle, Timmy and Tommy, and more. Yummy.

The sets are available for a limited time and appear to be on sale in preparation for Valentine's Day on February 14th. Indeed, though they've been live since January 6th, sales will cease on February 15th, so the timing certainly seems relevant. What you're getting for your hard earned yen (or whatever your local currency is, should you choose to import), however, is quite tasty - literally!

There are three options available to customers. The first is the basic set of six chocolates for the price of ¥1,836 (roughly $15), containing two dark chocolate pieces, two white chocolate pieces, a coffee flavoured chocolate, and a salted caramel flavoured chocolate. The second option contains the same chocolate offering, but also comes with a rather fancy pouch displaying the faces of iconic Animal Crossing characters. This one will set you back ¥3,520 (about $28).

The final option contains a total of nine chocolates, including everything in the first two options, plus an extra coffee flavoured chocolate and two milk chocolate pieces. To be honest, we'd personally prefer another salted caramel one, but never mind. This one also comes with an Animal Crossing inspired tin that looks absolutely adorable and would be perfect for storing little odds and ends. This set is slightly cheaper than the pouch option at ¥3,240 (about $25).

Of course, importing these items may cost you significantly more than what they're listed at on the official Godiva website; some sites are offering them up for as much as $70! So if you're looking to own one of these sets, then be sure to shop around. Otherwise, we'll just settle with simply gazing at the pictures with a sense of desperate longing... Sigh.

What do you make of this collaboration between Nintendo and Godiva? Reckon the chocolates taste nice? Share your thoughts in the comments below!