Resident Evil - GameFlavor 1
Image: GameFlavor

Well, this isn't something we were expecting to see. Capcom and GameFlavor have teamed up to launch a collector's box of First Aid drinks from the Resident Evil franchise to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Limited to 4750 pieces, the product contains a storage box based on the same from the classic Resident Evil games, which itself contains a total of ten First Aid Collector’s Drink cans. The drink is said to contain hints of cucumber and lime-mint flavour, taking inspiration from the "herbs, spices, and fruits" from the franchise.

In addition, the box will also contain four Ink Ribbon cans which contain a selection of herbs. What you do with these herbs is, of course, entirely up to you. You'll also get a spray cap so you can display your first aid cans after you're done consuming the cucumber and lime-mint concoction within. Finally, a certificate of authenticity will be included and will display a handwritten number to designate its unique identity.

Here's the official description from GameFlavor's website:

"Grab the strictly limited RESIDENT EVIL FIRST AID DRINK COLLECTOR’S BOX, including ten drinks and herbs related to the game. Enjoy the refreshing taste of cucumber-lime-mint and restore your energy or reenact your favorite scenes from the game."

Look, we promise it's not April Fool's Day, but this is quite possibly one of the strangest products we've seen in quite some time. What's more is that GameFlavor is charging a rather eye-watering €199 / $214 for the whole set, which you can pre-order on the official website right now. The product is targeted to release in Q3 2023.

Are you a big enough fan of Resident Evil to throw down €199 on a set of beverages? Share your thoughts in the comments below!