Atelier Ryza 3
Image: Koei Tecmo, Gust

Like previous entries, Atelier Ryza 3 will also be receiving some bonus character outfits. Koei Tecmo has today shared its "first in-game look" at Ryza's "summer look". This is available as an "Early purchase bonus".

In total there'll be seven costumes released in this set. They'll available for a "limited time" to physical or digital purchases in the first two weeks after the game's launch. After this, they "may" become available for purchase at a later date.

Koei Tecmo will also be offering costume bonuses for any Switch owner who has save data of Atelier Ryza, Atelier Ryza 2 or Atelier Sophie 2 on their Switch. You can see what will be on offer over on the official game website.

Here are some of the other "summer look" costumes fans can expect to see added to the game in the future:

Image: Koei Tecmo, Gust

Atelier Ryza 3 launches next month on 24th February. Are you for the next chapter in this RPG series? Comment below.

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