Instax mini Link 2 Splatoon
Image: Nintendo Life / Fujifilm

You might remember in one of 2021's stranger collaborations, Fujifilm teamed up with Nintendo to let you produce polaroids of your favourite Switch screenshots via the Instax mini Link printer. These snaps could then be personalised with all kinds of Nintendo-themed frames and stickers including Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario and Pokémon Snap. Now, Fujifilm has announced that Splatoon will be the next franchise to get in on the polaroid personalisation.

In a new update for the Instax mini Link for Nintendo Switch app (coming 19th January), the squid kids take centre stage as a batch of Splatoon 3-themed stickers and frames ink their way onto the customisation options. Ever wanted to pose with an Octoling in a polaroid (never mind how specific that dream may be)? This is your chance.

On top of these customisation options, a new Splatoon 3-themed bundle will be made available for the Instax mini Link 2 which adds in a squid-shaped silicone case for the printer itself. For a closer look at the new bundle as well as all of the stickers that are coming to the app, check out the following images from Fujifilm:

The new Instax mini Link 2 in Clay White will be available to purchase for £114.99, while the Splatoon 3 bundle adds in the silicone case too for £129.99.

We covered the printer's initial release back in 2021 in comparison to the classic Game Boy Printer. While the modern kit certainly gives you a better image (no surprise there, really) there is something about seeing the retro kit in action that still brings us a sense of joy. Our full findings on the Instax mini Link can be found in the following article:

What do you make of this new Splatoon addition? Ink your thoughts in the comments below!

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