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Following Nintendo's apology yesterday about the tech issues and bugs in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the new entries have now been updated to Version 1.1.0. In the official patch notes it was mentioned how "select bugs" would be fixed, and now that this update has been released, there are already early reports of some performance improvements.

The folks at GameXplain have investigated this new patch and are also claiming it's made a "huge difference" to the overall experience. In the video below, they've gone back and inspected areas where they experienced performance problems in the game and are now apparently getting a much smoother frame rate. Keep in mind, this is just one test of the new update.

When Digital Foundry originally investigated the new generation of Pokémon games last month, it labelled the titles as "comprehensive technical failures" with poor performance, dramatic frame-time fluctuations, and dropped frames. In our own review, we also cited "tech issues" as holding back the next-generation of Pokémon.

You can get the full rundown about the latest Scarlet and Violet update (Version 1.1.0) in our patch notes story:

Have you downloaded Version 1.1.0 yet? Do you think the performance has improved? Comment below.