Zelda Stranger Things Animation
Image: Nintendo Life

Actor Gaten Matarazzo, who's most famous for playing Dustin Henderson in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, has partnered with Nintendo for the Holiday season to talk about the company's latest games. It turns out, the star is actually a big fan of the Big N. In an interview with Variety, Matarazzo spoke of his love of Nintendo and its properties — including one series that he thinks would make a fantastic animated film.

While the actor spends time looking ahead to this year's festive period and reflecting on his busy year, Matarazzo muses on the idea of an animated Legend of Zelda movie. He tells Variety that he's a big fan of the series and that he wants to see a "very visually and musically driven animated film". He continues:

"It might be challenging when most of the characters never speak, but to explore a vocally silent world where a story can be told visually and through score would be really cool."

Does Matarazzo have that once-rumoured Netflix Zelda show in the back of his mind? Perhaps! But we love the idea of a very different style of movie for a Zelda adventure. the series has incredible music, and the characters are pretty iconic without a lot of dialogue. The real question is, would Matarazzo want to play the Hero of Time himself? How good are his "hyaaaah!"s?

We can all dream — if Mario is getting a big-budget animated movie in 2023, why can't Link get a starring role? And Mario doesn't have many lines of dialogue in his games either, so we think Nintendo would make some caveats to allow Link to speak. We just hope it's nothing like those Philips CD-i games.

That's what Matarazzo wants, but in terms of Christmas, the actor is gifting his friends Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and he's even got a copy of the game ready for himself. Sounds like an ideal Christmas game to us!

What do you think of Gaten's dreams of an animated Zelda movie? What would you want to see from a potential one? Let us know!

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