Pokemon TGC
Image: Nintendo Life

Since the very beginning, Pokémon Trading Cards have always had one thing in common: the iconic yellow border.

As spotted by Serebii, this is now no longer the case, as basic Pokémon cards based on Scarlet and Violet will now feature a silver coloured border to bring the western designs in line with the Japanese variants. Now, we're not going to lie, we think the silver border looks much better; the yellow design looked pretty nice back in the day, but by modern standards, it's a little bit cheap looking.

Here's what the official Pokémon site says about the change:

"Moving forward, the classic yellow borders framing Pokémon TCG cards will transition to the same silver border used in Japan. This change both frames Pokémon TCG artwork in its originally intended border and further unifies the game on a global level. The subcategory of Trainer cards (Supporter, Stadium, etc.) currently located on the top right of Trainer cards will be moved to the top left of the card—to be more visible in players’ hands."

Not only that, but it's been confirmed that the price of Pokémon cards will increase slightly in line with inflation, from $3.99 to $4.49 USD, but to off-set this there will be three guaranteed foil cards in each booster pack and all rare or higher cards will be foil, so that's nice.

What do you make of this change to the Pokémon TCG? Are you happy the yellow is gone? Let us know with a comment!

[source pokemon.com, via twitter.com]