It's been another huge year for Monster Hunter Rise with the arrival of Sunbreak in June. To celebrate 2022, Capcom has now released a short trailer reflecting on the past 12 months and highlighting the many updates along the way.

As part of this, it's also revealed the fourth free title update for the game will be delivered at some point in February 2023. It will include a returning elder dragon as well as a powered-up monster. This update will be followed by a fifth free update in Spring 2023.

The game's director has also shared another message on social media - thanking fans for their support on behalf of the development team:

Suzuki, Sunbreak Director: "Before I knew it, it's already been half a year since #Sunbreak's release, time really flies! Everyone from the dev team extends our most sincere gratitude to those who joined us in the hunt this year. Here's to even more spectacular hunts in 2023!"

Here's a look at the remainder of the Sunbreak roadmap in 2023:

Sunbreak Roadmap
Image: Capcom

Are you looking forward to the next update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? What else would you like to see from this title in 2023? Comment below.