Kirby is still kind of celebrating his 30th anniversary. Following on from last week's Tetris 99 event, the pink puff has now got a new First 4 Figures statue. It's officially known as the "We Love Kirby mini metal statue".

Fortunately, it's not quite as expensive as the company's usual offerings, priced at just $65.99 USD (or your regional equivalent) for early birds. After this period it will cost $76.99. Pre-orders are now open, it's estimated to release in Q2 2023, and there will also be silver and gold variants made available at "later dates".

Here's the official description of the above statue. It will also come with a pink velvet box with a purple strap:

"First 4 Figures is proud to introduce We Love Kirby metal painted statue. This is the first metal statue in our all new Kirby™ Mini Metals lineup. The statue is inspired by the "We Heart Kirby" sign that emerges from the ground at the end of the game. The "We Love Kirby" statue is beautifully replicated by having the original scheme. The words "We Heart Kirby" are portrayed in gold and the heart is a bright metallic pink. The glossy finish in Kirby's iris with the gradient makes him look more animated. His body and feet have a matte finish which makes it seem as if Kirby is holding up the sign himself. To go with this dynamic statue, the base has triangles on the sides. It has been plated with a darker, reddish gold which brings out the layers of gold, making the structure more dynamic. The gold plating has a reflective finish, making it look shiny, and makes the spherical aspect of Kirby stand out!"

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