Teddiursa Build-A-Bear
Image: Nintendo Life / The Pokémon Company / Build-A-Bear

Pokémon and Build-A-Bear go hand in hand, but for a while, the two companies have been missing a trick. In a place called 'Build-A-Bear', you could not, in fact, build a bear from the Pokémon series. Until now.

Italian site Farantube reports that Teddiursa, the Little Bear Pokémon who debuted in Pokémon Gold & Silver and is an actual bear, is the next Pocket Monster to be added to the collection. (Thanks @PokéJungle!)

Teddiursa will cost between $32 and $40 and will be available both in-store and online. It'll be around the same size as the other standard Pokémon toys and comes with several customisation options.

However, if you buy Teddiursa online, you can get it in a package that comes with a hoodie and sleepwear, and it'll be able to make five different sounds if you give it a squeeze! We can't believe it's taken the two companies this long to make Teddiursa into a buildable plush. It's right there in the name!

The Jumbo Snorlax is also returning to online stores soon. But really, they could've made this even more perfect and made a Jumbo Ursaring. Pull your socks up!

Will you be trying to catch Teddiursa at Build-A-Bear? Give us a little roar in the comments!

[source farantube.com, via twitter.com]